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I’m going to show you how to make a woodsy and rustic wedding table centerpiece and it’s a really hip look right now. It’s very simple and it’s really affordable, just a great lovely relaxed style to add to any wedding.

Here for the base of this arrangement and this decor I’ve chosen a honey wheat burlap linen. They are very in style right now and you can really pick them up at any rental company. We have them in stock for rental available on our website.

So to create this look we’re going to use some Mason jars. I have chosen a large and a small version here. We’re going to throw some gold rocks in the bottom of these jars just to give it a nice base and then we’re going to add a little addition, this beautiful little piece of twine. You’re going to cut about a four foot section and then wrap that around. Then finish it off with a bow.

Now for the florals I’ve chosen Baby’s Breath here but you can definitely use field flowers, field greens, any colors that are appropriate for your wedding and definitely don’t keep it too arranged. You want to keep it compact but at the same time you want it to feel natural in terms of how the flowers are placed in the jar. To finish off the centerpiece we’re going to actually use some floating candles here in these smaller Ball jars, so add some water and then throw in a couple floating candles. It’s a beautiful way to finish off the look, very relaxed and elegant look for any wedding. Enjoy.