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Today, I’m going to show you how to do some beautiful decorations for a 21st birthday. You will see here that we’ve done a gorgeous purple, gold and silver table scape. Twenty one is the first birthday where your child can drink so let’s celebrate with a little champagne.

You’ll see here that I’ve used and oversized champagne glass filled with beautiful sparkling crystals and we also of course have our real champagne display as well. Now on this table I’ve done a beautiful purple pin tuck linen which is available for rental on our website. Now you want to do trays of champagne glasses, so here I’m using a gold tray. And of course, if this was a real event we would line it up with champagne glasses filled with champagne for our 21st toast.

Another little accent that’s super fun behind the table scape is to kind of create a bubble display like champagne bubbles from balloons. So that’s really simple. We’re just going to get some gold and silver and purple balloons, blow them up to different sizes and then just place them on the wall in a fun little pattern like this to kind of bring across that champagne feeling. Happy 21st!