Kimberly is the Owner & Founder of Events By Fabulous and the visionary behind its creations. Born and raised in New York City, Kimberly laughs about being a real life “Gossip Girl,” a socialite who grew up attending or arranging every desirable event from Bryant Park fashion shows to galas at the Met. This event-inspired lifestyle prompted her to start planning events professionally, and at only 18 years old Kimberly started a small party business that would bloom into the national, A-List, full service, event production company that Fabulous is today.

A neuroscience graduate of Princeton University, Kimberly stands apart from other event professionals, taking a truly scientific approach in an artistic field. She creates stunning party atmospheres with exquisite attention to detail, seamlessly integrating the theme into every event element from entertainment to cuisine. And when it comes to corporate events, Kimberly’s psychological background affords her a fresh perspective on experiential marketing and an keen ability to transform any brand into an engaging event experience. At the direction of Kimberly Seeherman, Fabulous has become known for its “Wow Factor” and clients continue to return for out-of-the-box event concepts and flawless presentation.