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Today, I’m going to show you an idea for making a fabulous centerpiece for The Oscars. If you’re having an Academy Awards viewing party at your home, you might want to have a beautiful centerpiece that’s thematic and elegant and I’m going to show you just how to do that.

So, to start off, we are going to need a popcorn container. You can pick one of these things up at any party supply store, especially during the Oscar season. Next, we’re actually going to get some gorgeous flowers that are definitely in theme with the color of this arrangement. Here I’m using some red roses and some white snapdragons because, when they’re coming out of the vase, they’re actually going to look like popcorn.

Now, to get started, I’m going to take our popcorn container and fill it with marbles to make it a little bit more sturdy and steady on the table. Next, I’m going to cut my floral foam and shape that just like that, and put the floral foam in the container. Now I’m going to fasten it with some floral tape.

We can begin the arranging of the florals. I’m just going to cut the roses here, varying lengths, between two and four inches, and I’m just going to place them in. I’m going to chose my front focal point of roses and just really start there, placing the roses. To make the roses look their best, you can blow on them a little bit, open up the leaves a little bit with your fingers. And, I want to make a really compact arrangement, so it’s modern, so I’m keeping the roses really low, close and tight to each other, to the actual container itself. Now I’m going to put in my snapdragons, these beautiful white flowers here. And, you’ll see, first, I’m going to place them in the center of the arrangement just to give some height. I’m going to cut a few extra stems of snapdragon and place them on the exterior edges of the container to give more width and substance to the arrangement.

Last, but not least, we have our tea leaves here. I’m just going to spray paint them gold; let them dry. And, then, carefully, just bend them in half and staple them with a stapler and you create this great little shape. The shape adds a little bit of bling to your arrangement and, again, gives it that Oscar gold that you really want to have as part of your Oscars theme party. So, I’m going to place those in there and then continue with the back of the arrangement.

There you have it, a beautiful centerpiece for your Oscars party. I’m going to finish that off on the table with a beautiful decorative mirror and some gold mercury glass votives just to add a little extra sparkle. So, enjoy. I hope you had a wonderful Oscars party and that everyone really loves these very cute popping popcorn arrangements.