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Hi, I’m Kimberly Seeherman, celebrity wedding planner and owner of Events by Fabulous.

Today I’m going to talk to you about wedding invitations, specifically how to word dress attire on your invitations.

Our friends at Woo Paperie have helped us out with some gorgeous sample invitations featured in our video. I’m going to break it down to all the different ways to invite people and ask them what to wear.

The first and the most fancy of them all is “White Tie.” When asked to wear “white tie” the men are in tuxes with white bow ties. They often include white gloves or top hats, and the women are then fully dressed to the nines with ball gowns.

The second most formal attire is “Black Tie,” which most are familiar with. “Black tie” is tuxes for men, and gowns for women. Next down on the roster is “Black Tie Optional,” which means tuxes and gowns are definitely appropriate, but you can also come a little bit more casual wearing just a black suit or more of a cocktail dress for the ladies.

Following is “Formal.” Formal attire means suits, but it doesn’t specifically mean black suits, and generally that means cocktail dresses for women. As you move to a more casual side of the spectrum, we have “Semi-Formal.” Semi-formal requires a jacket for men but no tie, and for women that’s more of a cocktail dress, and can even be something a little bit more casual.

Next we have “Cocktail Attire,” which means for women something more fashionable, such as cocktail dresses and can definitely be shorter. For men, that mean nice slacks and shoes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a jacket or a tie.

The next is “Casual Attire”, which just means smart dressing for men and women. At the far end of the spectrum we have “Beach or Garden Attire,” and that means casual, comfortable, with appropriate shoes.

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