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Today I’m going to show you how to do a gorgeous Hollywood themed birthday party for your tween and since it’s Oscar season just around the corner. Pay attention to these red carpet tricks so you can make your viewing party quite fabulous.

Step one, tell all your guests to dress up, nothing sets the mood like a glamorous party of guests so make sure that they are all wearing their Hollywood best. Step two, roll out the red carpet. It’s a really wonderful way to say welcome to our Hollywood soiree. These things are really simple and you can pick them up at a local rental store near you. You’re going to need a red carpet runner, a 5 x 10 should do perfectly and some chrome stanchions and a red velvet rope. These are available for rental on our website starting at about $10 per piece and it’s a great way to get started with that theme.

Step three, hire a paparazzi photographer. He can stand outside on the red carpet and take pictures of guests entering and then he can snap shots throughout the night and again just create that award show atmosphere. Step four, set the tone and the mood in your home. Make sure to dim the lights and you definitely want to put on a great Hollywood sound track, maybe something that’s won an Oscar. Decorate and go gold.

If you look around here, we have little samples of some items that you might want to use in your party to create this great Hollywood theme. You definitely want to use a lot of reds, a lot of black and white and you definitely can’t go wrong with gold, gold, gold. If you are setting a table, you definitely want to use some gold chargers just to add a little sparkle to your space, how about some gold votives? And absolutely, a little gold statuette. And last but not least the way to make your Hollywood celebrity feel really special for his or her birthday is to create their own Hollywood star.

This is a really simple thing to do and it’s just a really fun way to personalize the event. Pick up a gold star from any party store near you and then put on your favorite head shot of your child to make them really feel special for their fabulous Hollywood themed birthday celebration.