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Today I’m going to talk to you about how to MC a fashion show for young girls and fashion show birthday parties are a great idea. They are super simple to do and you’re going to need to know a couple steps on how to be a great MC.

First of all you want to connect a microphone to your home stereo system and then second of all you’re going to want to split the girls into two groups, group A and group B. You want to do this because you are always going to have one group of walkers and one group of spectators. Now if you don’t know everybody’s name in the party, you’re going to want to have them write it down. The reason is when the girls are out there on the runway, you want to call them by name and say, “Look at Heather strutting her stuff down the runway! Doesn’t she look great in that zebra dress?” It really gives them a lot of energy and it’s a fun way to make everyone feel special and important.

You want to give the girls tickets. You can just take a piece of paper and write numbers on them and then have all the girls write their names on the back of that ticket. That way, right before they jump on the runway, they hand you their ticket and you can see their name. Like I said, refer to them by name while they are strutting their stuff down the runway. There you have it, a fun and easy way to MC a young girl’s fashion show.