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Today, I’m going to show you how to make decorations for your Academy Awards party. This is part of a larger series about decorating for a Hollywood themed event. Of course, if you’re watching the movies, you’re going to need some popcorn. So, I’m going to show you how to make stylish, beautiful popcorn bar that you can use as both a decorative and functional item to add to your Academy Awards party.

To get started, we’re going with a black and gold theme. So, we’re going to cover your table with a black linen. Next, I like to put a gold runner on the table. I’ve chosen here a gold lame runner. You can pick this up from any rental store. We have them available for rental on our website.

Now, we’re going to move onto the snacks. So, here I’m actually doing a popcorn bar with three different, maybe snacks. We have Cheetos White Cheddar and of course caramel popcorn. We’re not just going to put it out on the table, we’re going to use it as a decorative element and definitely try to make it look gorgeous. I’m going to display these snacks in hurricane vases. I’ve chosen three different sizes here just to give a little variation for how the table looks.

Next we’re going to make really cute labels. So people know exactly what snacks they’re choosing when they put it in their very cute popcorn containers. How we’re going to do this, is just getting some black and white card stock. You’re also going to need some ribbon. Here I’ve chosen some gold, some black and a little bit of red. You’re also going to need a tape gun, and all of your supplies for cutting and measuring, scissors, pencils and of course, a ruler.

To get started, we’re just going to measure out these tags. Here I’ve done a three by three, a cute, little square shape. We’re doing a five by two. I think it’s really great to choose three different sizes of tags. Because, again, that makes your table look a little bit more interesting when it’s all put together. Then, you’ll see we’re just going to take the black paper and actually measure it. So it’s slightly larger than the white that we’ve just cut. Now, we’re going to attach them together just using a glue gun here or a tape gun, simple as that. Just put some tape at the back of the white card stock, apply it to the black. We’re going to label it. I’ve chosen a gold pen here to tie into our gold and black Oscar’s theme. And there we go, cute, gorgeous, little labels. Now let’s get them on the hurricanes.

So, to start we’re going to measure out the ribbon and we will tape two inside parts of the ribbon on either end. This is how we’re going to attach it to the actual vase. Now we’ll stick on the ribbon on one side, wrap it around and then, attach it again on the other side. I’m going to put on a little black detail ribbon here. I’m just going to basically put on a couple different ribbons in different places, again vary it up a little bit. So, now we’ve done the ribbons, now we’re going to attach the tags. We’re just going to take our tape gun, we’ll tape the back of those tags. And then we’ll just place them right there in the center of the ribbon. Make sure the tape goes all the way to the edge of the little labels that you’ve made. You’re actually sticking it onto the hurricane jar itself to keep it all in place.

Now let’s get it on the table. So, I’ve chosen here to use cute, little decorative mirrors underneath these hurricanes, just to give a little more sparkle to the table and a little more bling and Hollywood glamour. An we’re just going to place these on the table there, add in our snack spoons. Last but not least, I’ve picked up some really cute, little popcorn containers. You can get these at any party store. And there you have it, a beautiful table that’s functional and decorative and festive for your at-home Academy Awards event.