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Hi, I’m Kimberly Seeherman, event design expert and owner of Events by Fabulous.

Today, I’m going to show you How to Make a Centerpiece for a 16th Birthday. This is party of a larger concept design that we’ve done with this silver and pink sweet 16 theme.

We’re going to use a pink mercury glass vase, and lots of beautiful pink flowers including pink star gazer lilies, pink ginger, and pinkie lavender tulips.

To get started, put some floral foam in the vase. Now remember to soak your floral foam for 10 to 15 minutes before you get started to keep your flowers alive.

Pink: Next we’re going to start with the center of our arrangement, which is the ginger. It’s perfect for our color theme. Create a cascading look with the ginger by cutting the ginger at three different lengths and then putting it in the center of the vase Rotate the ginger just slightly, and also push up and down on it to create that cascading look,

Green: I’ve chosen here some Ruscus. Cut the ruscus into small little pieces and cover the base of it for a nice healthy green.

Next, take the Snapdragons. I’ve chosen white here to offset the pink a little bit and give a pop in the background. Use the snapdragons to hide the stems of the ginger.

Put in the star of our arrangement - the gorgeous pink Stargazer lilies. Now I like to do a cool little layering effect with my lilies. So I’ll cut them at the appropriate length. Put the bottom one in, and then put the top one in just slightly over that to create a layered look. It’s a great little focal point.

Now with this size arrangement, three sets of Stargazer lilies on all different sides would look best to add a little variation. Put a darker shade of pink into the arrangements. We used hot pink tealeaves. They’re tropical and naturally occurring.

Take the tea leaf, fold the top back, and then use a stapler to just staple it in place. That creates a nice little loop.

Put in the front to create a nice little focal point. Do one in the back of the arrangement as well behind the tall ginger.

We’re going to finish the arrangement by filling in with these gorgeous lavender pink tulips. This entire arrangement is going to cost you under $30, and you can make it yourself for your daughter’s sweet 16.

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