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Today, I’m going to talk to you about how to make a birthday dinner special for teens. Hosting a dinner party for teens requires you to achieve a very special balance between letting go of all those childhood traditions, but then keeping key elements that still matter to your child.

I recommend sitting down with your daughter or son and talking to them about a theme that really works for their personality. It’s all about expressing themselves through an event concept. So, again, you want to do a beautiful table décor that reflects your teen’s personality. Here, we’ve done a very feminine, almost an antique vintage-type look for a girl. You can see that we’ve used gold and silver accents with the chargers here, as well as the silver votives. Then, we spliced in a little bit of color with this gorgeous antique rose mercury vases, garnished with these lovely ivory floral balls.

Next, you want to get your child to provide you with a guest list of about 10 to 20 friends. You want to keep a dinner party intimate, so definitely not more than 20. And, of course, if it’s your teen’s birthday party, it’s very important that their friends are there. Sometimes, it’s almost even better to not invite family, but just have it be friends so they can really practice being young adults. Now, you want to get that list from your child, you want to put together a beautiful invitation and send that out at least two weeks before the date of your dinner party. Those two steps are really going to help you get started creating a beautiful and memorable event for your teen birthday dinner.