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Hi, I’m Kimberly Seeherman, event design expert and owner of Events by Fabulous.Today I’m going to show you How To Dress A Table For A Girl’s Party In Pink And Silver.We’re going to do a really fun Sweet 16 concept! It’s really elegant-chic, but still is young and age appropriate.

We’re going to start off with a iridescent crinkle linen. It has a baby pink tone to it, and it’s available for rental on our website.

Place it at the base of the table. Next, use a silver charger to bring a little silver to the table design.There’s a lot going on with all the pink and silver, so use basic china and stemware. In the video, we used a beautiful white china -very plain and simple.

Napkins: Lay the napkin flat on the table. Fold it in half, and fold it in half once again to create a beautiful little square. Rotate the napkin so that the open tip is on the top left corner. Now you can just peel down that top corner, make a cute little triangle. Flip over the entire napkin and do it a tri-fold.

And there you have it! Turn it over now and see the beautiful napkin fold ready for the silverware to slide right in.

Stemware: Set your table with both water and wine at the minimum.

One of the most important steps when trying to set a beautiful table of any kind is symmetry. So make sure to take a little extra time to just go around the table and make sure everything’s lined up just perfect. That’s going to give you that ultra glamorous magazine look.

We’ll finish off our table with a gorgeous centerpiece. I’ve chosen here to do a pink mercury glass vase and some lovely pink flowers including lilies and some pink ginger.

For the seating on this table I’ve chosen to use a silver Chiavari. This is a very standard chair available for rental on our website. Decorate that Chiavari with a beautiful pink sash to match the tablecloth itself, and a fun little decorative element. (Learn how to decorate the chair in one of our other videos!)

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