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Today we’re going to talk about how to display wedding invitations. So you spent a lot of time creating a beautiful invitation for your wedding and it’s time to show it off. Either you might want to put something together that you can actually display at your wedding or you can put something together to bring home and just put on the shelf as a constant memory of your love.

We’re going to talk about a fun way to display an invitation and you can use it really in any application. So you are going to need some canvas. I have a 1 x 1 canvas here, some wrapping paper that matches your wedding invitation theme and color and some push pins.

We’re going to start by wrapping the canvas. So we’ll just wrap it like a standard present, face it down, make sure the edges are super tight and then we can use a staple gun to actually secure the wrapping paper right into the wood of the canvas. Next we’ll just display our invitation on the front of the canvas. We can adjust it slightly to make sure that it’s really placed perfectly and the last step is just sticking in those push pins to hold the invitation in place.

There you have it a great way to display your wedding invitation. Something that’s super versatile and you can use it either at your wedding or just as a memory at home, so enjoy.