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Hi, I’m Kimberly Seeherman, event design expert and owner of Events by Fabulous. Today we’re going to talk about how to decorate your house for a 50th anniversary party. Now 50th is the big golden anniversary so go gold and be bold.

In the video, we have a fun black and gold theme. It’s deco-vintage glam inspired and matches with a cake table that we talked about in one of our other segments. One great design element is to create a custom monogram. Now this is super simple to do.

To start out lay out 50th in Microsoft Word and print it out with a standard black and white printer. I created a cute little font for 50th but for your personal decor, you could choose to do monogrammed letters of the anniversary couple. I printed it on a piece of paper and cut it out. Use scissors or an Exacto knife. Then using some paper cement, go over the letters and cover them with some gorgeous pale gold glitter. And there you have it, this adorable little monogram! To finish it off, paint the back with paper cement and apply it to the center of the canvas. I’m used a cute little picture stand to hold up the canvas.

While we are on the subject of about picture stands, let’s talk about the pictures themselves. There’s no better way to customize your home for an anniversary party than by really decking it out with gorgeous pictures of the anniversary couple and their life together. For the video, I am using a gold and a black frame. You should use a lot of gold, but have fun by accenting with some other colors and filling it with different pictures. Put them on the mantle, on the table, anywhere that guests might be able to see your couple’s beautiful life together.

Lastly, another great decor idea for a 50th anniversary is custom gold wine bottles. It’s super simple and really cheap. I picked the bottles featured in the video at the local supermarket for about $5. Hit the bottles with a coat of spray paint. I chose a beautiful gold metallic. I covered the bottle, let it dry and then added a beautiful little ribbon detail. For personalization, add a custom tag to the front of this bottle. What’s so great about it is not only that it’s a beautiful decor concept, but you can open it and serve the wine right out of this gorgeous bottle. And there you have it -some really fun ideas to decorate your home for a golden anniversary celebration!