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I’m gonna show you how to decorate with mirrors and hurricanes for a wedding reception to create a very hip look that can be used in a multitude of ways either on cocktail tables or even on dining tables. It’s very easy to do, just a couple elements, and it creates and ultra chic, ultra hip look. It’s so in style right now, and you’re just gonna love it.

To start this whole look, we’re going to start with a chevron linen. This is a black and white satin chevron linen, available for rental on our website, but you can definitely find it at a rental house near you. And next we’re going to continue the look with this beautiful 18 inch round mirror. It’s important that you a mirror that’s bigger than the hurricanes that you’re using, and here I’m using two various sized hurricanes, so I have an 18 inch mirror to accommodate them.

Now, after we’re going to place the hurricanes in the proper location on the mirror, then we’re going to fill it with these gorgeous black acrylic rocks. And this is gonna tie into the black stripes of the chevron. Now you’ll see here that I actually put the acrylic rocks in at two different levels, just to give it a little bit more of an interesting look, and now we’re going to place in our gorgeous pillar candles. Now, hurricanes are used for safety mainly. When you’re using open flame in a venue, the venue’s gonna require that you have glass going 4 to 6 inches above the actual flame. So I’m gonna finish off this hip table styling with some matte black votives, and just just can’t go wrong, this look is so stylish and so hot right now. I hope you’ll enjoy it for your wedding reception.