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I’m gonna talk to you about how to decorate a folding table for a banquet. You might think, “We only have a folding table, how can we make it look glamorous? I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it.

So, we are gonna start with a basic wood folding table, and I’m gonna create a beautiful, multi-tone grey and black elegant dining table. We’re gonna use a gun metal satin linen.

First we’re just going to put the linen on the table, and next we’re gonna place all our chargers in their appropriate locations. I’ve just folded the napkin a tri-fold, and then I’m gonna lay it under the plate. It’s just a really elegant and understated look, and it brings the sight line of the black to a lower point on the table as well.

Next I’ve placed the two candelabras at the center focal points of the table. Then broken them up with small floral arrangements, again to give multi-levels to this linear table decor concept.