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Hi, I’m Kimberly Seeherman, event design expert and owner of Events by Fabulous. Today I’m gonna teach you how to decorate for a silver anniversary with a gorgeous dining table concept that will be the center and the focal point of your celebration.

Silver anniversary is 25 years, so we really need to create something that’s ultra glamorous and absolutely on point for the level of celebration that you deserve. We’re gonna do a gorgeous silver tablescape. Start by using this wonderful iridescent satin linen. You can pick this up at a rental house near you, or it’s available for rental on our website, and then we’re gonna go onto the actual table settings themselves.

Using a silver charger, very modern table setting, and modern white china, creates a very plain and elegant look. Add water and a wine glasses, which is also a very simple stemware. It’s really lovely and an understatement on this blinging silver table.

Next we’re gonna do a really fun decor element on the table, which I just love -a bow tie napkin! It’s really simple to do, and it’s going to pop on your table. Start with a napkin fold. Lay the napkin out, and take two of the edges. Fold them in to point them towards each other. Next, fold the napkin down in half, and fold that half back up. Now you’re gonna take the small edges on the side and fold those in approximately the same length so the edges just overlap. To complete the bow tie, take a little piece of ribbon, slide it under and tie it as tight as you can. Flip the lip of the bow tie back around. Your bow tie’s coming to life. Play with the fabric a little bit and scrunch it in to create that real bow tie look. And there you have it, this fun little accent that’s really gonna stand out and be a conversation starter at your table!

Lastly, we’re going to then put all of our chairs around the table. I’ve chosen here a gorgeous silver Chiavari topped with a platinum lamour chair pad. Finish your masterpiece with a decorative mirror in the center of the table to really bring that light and increase that sparkle. We’re gonna finish with very elegant silver stemware. Use floating votive candle holders or put a regular candle in. And there you have it, a super fun and ultra-silver concept to celebrate your 25th anniversary!