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We’re going to learn how to decorate around chafing dishes. A question I get all the time is, “Chafing dishes are so ugly and I have to put a whole line of them on my food display table. How am I going to make them look pretty?” Well I say use decorative mesh.

You really can’t go wrong with the decorative mesh, it’s super inexpensive and it’s simple to use. You can just weave it through the chafing dishes and it gives a little bit of volume to the table. It also kind of gives a background on which the chafing dishes can sit. You’ll see here that I’ve done a black, white and gray themed table. If we had more chafing dishes we would place them kind of parallel to each other, maybe slightly offset to give a little variety in how they appear on the table.

Now I’m going to start with the deco mesh on one side of the table. Again, it’s great because chafing dishes have these little feet on them and you can literally hook the deco mesh right under the chafing dish’s foot and kind of wave it through the chafing dishes. This creates a nice background for which you can then place those chafing dishes on top and it just gives a little bit of depth and interest to the table. It really creates a beautiful decorative concept.