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Decorating a Sweet Sixteen Chair

Hi, I’m Kimberly Seeherman, event design expert and owner of Events by Fabulous.

I’m going to show you How To Decorate a Chair for a Sweet 16 using a Silver and Pink Concept.

To start, we’re going to need a silver Chiavari chair. Depending on where you live, a Chiavari chair for rental should range from $5 – $10. It’s pretty reasonable, and a great addition to make your Sweet 16 look fabulous!

We’re going to use a chair sash to decorate the Chiavari chair. This is something you can also pick up from a rental house. I’ve chosen here a pink iridescent chair sash just to match our linen.

INSTRUCTIONS: Fold the pink chair sash in half to find the center point. Now put that center point up against the center bamboo of the Chiavari, making sure that the pretty part of the linen is facing out.

Weave the sash in and out of the bamboo. It’s really important to make sure that the outer edges are coming around to cover the sides of the chair. Check the length to make sure that the tails are the same length, and then tie a knot in the center.

ACCENT: To accent the sash with a little bit of extra sparkle, I’ve chosen here a pink Christmas ball. These are really cute and you can pick them up at any Michael’s or craft store. They’re reasonably priced. An entire box is under $ 6.

Take two balls and wind them together to create one single unit. Once done, loop them around the chair tie knot. Make sure you bring the back of the chair sash tie up, and then flap it over. The beautiful sparkly side of this chair sash should be on top.

For a more interesting look, slide the whole knot and decorative element over to the right-hand side to create an asymmetrical look for this chair sash.

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