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Hi, I’m Kimberly Seeherman, event design expert and owner of Events By Fabulous. Today, I’m going to show you how to decorate a gorgeous 50th anniversary table. The 50th anniversary is that golden anniversary. We’re going to create a beautiful gold inspired look with beautiful undertones of chocolate brown.

To get started, we’re going to need to pick up a couple of rentals that you can find available on our website, or at a party store near you. We’re going to start with a gorgeous gold crinkle taffeta linen. That’s going to be the base for this entire look. It’s very chic, it has a lot of texture to it and it just sets the perfect mood for our golden anniversary. Next, we’re going to want to go out and get some fabulous gold chargers just to give a little bit more bling to the table. In the video you can see I’ve set the chargers, six at this table, that’s a 48 round. I’m also using here for the China, a gorgeous ivory with a gold rim on it. This is a pretty standard basic rental plate and you can, definitely, pick one up where you live.

A great little addition to a 50th wedding anniversary table is to create a customized menu. I’ve created here, using Microsoft Word, a really basic menu. It says 50th on the top and then our couple’s name and of course, what we’re serving for dinner. Now to highlight that menu, I’m going to show you how to do a gorgeous napkin fold, it’s actually called the menu fold. It’s really simple and it’s going to look really great when you slide your menu in.

Begin by laying the napkin down on the table. You’re going to fold it in thirds. Take a bottom lip of the napkin and just fold that up. Then you flip it over and fold it in thirds like an envelope. And there you have it! You turn it on over and you want to make sure your edges are really tight. But you have this cute, little pocket and you can just slide your menu right in there. Now we’re going to place this beautiful, little napkin fold right on top. And there you have it, we have our plate setting!

Next we’ll place our glassware on the table. You definitely want to go with at least a water and a wine glass the bare minimum for the glassware on the table. I’ve chosen here a beautiful cut crystal. Definitely go and get out your most fabulous glasses because it is a 50th anniversary and you want to definitely make sure that that table is sparkling. I’ve chosen here some beautiful gold wares and beautiful forks and knives here. That again, is just going to bring a little bit more gold to the golden anniversary experience. I’ve chosen for this look some gold Chiavari chairs and a beautiful chocolate Chantung chair padded cover. Now we’ll just slide that pad right in the chair cover and then, tie that onto the Chiavari. Set them around the table.

We’ll finish the look with this gorgeous centerpiece here, this beautiful antique glass that I’ve spray painted. Lastly, we’re going to put on some gorgeous votive. I’ve chosen a gold mercury glass and then, light tea lights. There you have it, a golden and sparkling table for your 50th anniversary. Happy anniversary!