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Today I’m going to show you how to make a beautiful wedding card box and it’s really simple to do and what’s so great about making your own box is you can coordinate the colors to your wedding theme. So it’s really easy and it’s much better than just going out and buying something pre-fabricated. So there’s just a couple of elements you will need and I’m going to walk you through step-by-step how to create this lovely little card box that actually looks like a present itself but of course is labeled cards so that everyone knows that’s where they go.

So to start we’re going to need a couple of gift boxes. I’ve chosen two different sizes here and then we’re just going to build those boxes. Next I’ve chosen a purple paisley paper and we’re going to wrap those boxes. Now it’s really important when we are wrapping these boxes that we want to do it as professionally as possible because this is really going to be a focal point of attention on your gift table and you want to make sure that it looks fabulous. So in order to achieve a professional look the most important thing to remember is just to keep the paper as tight as possible. That means you want to measure properly when wrapping the paper and also make sure that all of the edges are firmly indented.

Next we’re going to stack the packages on top of each other. I’m just going to use a little bit of hot glue just to secure them in place and make sure you really get that top box right in the center and next we’re going to actually wrap it with our ribbon. Now we’re going to have to cut a hole in the box in order to allow the cards to pass through so I’ve chosen to tie the ribbon off to the left a little bit. It creates an asymmetrical look but it’s going to look really cute and give us enough space to make our card slot.

We’re just going to tie the ribbon on like so and next we’re going to finish off our ribbon by just adding some other additional bows, a little more color. I’ve added on here a purple ribbon. I also put on some pretty gold raffia which is lovely. It all ties into the paper that I’ve chosen. Just remember to coordinate your ribbon with the paper and I like to choose at least two different colors just to make sure it really stands out and pops.

Next we’re on to making the card slot itself. So to do this you’re going to have to measure the card just to make sure that you know how big of an opening you are going to be making and then I’m using an X‑Acto knife here. I’m just going to cut out a slot for the card.

Now this box here is actually two boxes just because of the style of gift box I’ve chosen. So make sure to glue any internal edges so you really have a tight edge. You’ll see that I’m just gluing that right here. Okay now we have our card slot all cut open. So next we’re just going to finish the rough edges on the card slot with a little ribbon so that it looks finished and beautiful. You’ll see here we’re just going to take the ribbon, we’re going to measure it, we’re going to cut it. I’m putting a little bit of glue on the inside of the ribbon here. Now you want to glue the inside section of the ribbon first, the part that’s going to go inside the box and then wrap it around and glue the front section.

Last but certainly not least, we’ll need to label it to make sure everyone knows this is where the cards are going. So I’ve just chosen here a beautiful card stock that matches with the paper again and I’m using a scalloped edge scissor just to create a nice little look for the card itself and then you can either print some cursive on there or if you have nice handwriting you can go ahead and write that yourself. I’m just going to glue that on and there you go, a perfect little wedding card box that you made yourself. Enjoy this fabulous decor.