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I’m going to teach you how to attach flowers to the ceiling for your wedding reception. One way to do this is by creating a floral ball. It’s a really beautiful, it’s super easy to do. And it creates a structure that is really easy to hang for the ceiling.

You can see here, a silk flower ball, these are ready made, you can buy them at any craft store. But it’s almost just as simple to make your own and you can use real flowers that coordinate with your wedding colors. I’ve chosen a beautiful dyed peach carnation and a complimentary brown iridescent ribbon. And it’s a nice color combination and it just looks beautiful as a hanging accent.

To start, you’re going to take your floral foam and you’re going to soak in water for about 15 minutes. That’s going to keep your flowers alive when they’re hanging in the air. Next, you’re going to take that floral foam and you’re going to cut it into a square shape. Make sure the dimensions are the same on all three sides, because you really want to make sure that you really have a very square base. And that’s going to help you create a beautiful round structure. So, now you can actually start trimming your carnations. I would leave about two to two and a half inches from the head of the actual bud. This is going to give you enough room to play with the stem to make sure that you get that round shape.

You’re just going to start placing in those flowers one by one, all around the complete structure. And in order to achieve that round shape, you’re just going to pull out the ones slightly further from the foam, in the parts where the ball should be most round and most large. And that’s it, you can open up the actual heads of the carnations a little bit for a little bit larger coverage from each of the flowers. And there you go, you have this beautiful, full, round, gorgeous carnation ball. And then, it is attached to the string, so you can easily hang it from the ceiling. And there you have it, a beautiful and easy way to hang florals from your ceiling at your wedding reception.