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This is “How do I get started if I would like to throw a Mad Hatter tea party?” So, a great idea for a teen or tween birthday party is an Alice In Wonderland inspired Mad Hatter tea party. And, if you wanna know how to get started to even put that together, I’m gonna show you a couple simple steps that you can do at home, and create a really magical birthday party.

To get started, we’re gonna definitely use a long banquet table. You can use your dining room table, if you do have that shape, or you can rent a folding table, like this. We have that available for rental on our website. And, you’re gonna start with a white base linen, just cover the table to the floor. Now, we’re gonna overlay it with some fun scraps of different materials. This can be random material you have hanging around the house, or you can go down to the fabric district and pick up a couple yards of varying fabrics. The more diverse they are, the better. It creates a more interesting look on the table.

Then, we’re gonna start decorating with all of our teacups. Now, I actually picked up all of these various teapots and teacups and saucers at a used store. You can go to a Goodwill near you and, and pick it up. The thing that’s so great about this concept is that nothing has to match. Actually, it’s better if nothing does match. So, you’ll notice, here, that every single teapot, every cup and saucer is completely different, and that definitely adds to the magical factor of this table setup. So, I’m just gonna do varying levels, here. I brought out some really cute platters.

For cakes, we have some apothecary jars, here, that I filled with fun snacks, and we’re just gonna put out a lot more teapots than you would actually need to serve tea again. That’s adding to the theme. And, then, we’re going to finish with a cup and saucer in each person’s table. Now, also remember that when you add the chairs to the table, you’re going to want to choose very unique items. Again, the more variation you get, the more magical and eclectic it feels. And, there you have it, your Mad Hatter inspired tea party. Enjoy!