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I’m going to show you how to take a book and transform it into a beautiful thing that your friends and family can sign at your wedding. To start we’re going to need to find that great book. You can take something from around the house or you might go out to a used or vintage bookstore to pick something up. Now preferably you want to get the biggest book possible so you have the most room for your friends and family to sign but it’s your preference and you can always choose a book of whatever size.

Here I just had a book around the house and I’m going to show you how I transformed a simple book into this wonderful custom wedding guest book. What we’re going to do first is pick out a wrapping paper that matches your wedding theme and then we’re going to actually wrap the book and create a custom cover for that. We’re just going to create a nice edge here, then we’re going to lay the book down and measure it. Then we fold the bottom edge and now we’re going to use a tape gun to actually secure the book cover to the book. You usually want to start with the back or the front cover, your choice, and after that cover is secured, you can flip it around and actually secure the other cover. You want to make sure that you measure it and that you create enough space that the book can easily open and close.

Next we’re going to create title cards. So this is something you could do on your computer if you are a great graphic designer, you can lay it all out, print it out, cut it out and create really cute title cards. But today I’m just going to do it by hand to show you that if you’d like to do it that way it’s definitely an option. So you can cut great shapes or use a scissor with a scalloped edge and create title cards for either the front of the book and the inside of the book. You can see here that I’ve made one initials card for the inside. I’ve also done a second title for the outside. Now this can be customized for your preference whether you want it to say you and your future spouse’s name or a word that has a meaning to you, it’s really your wedding. So you should have something that reflects your unique couple style.

For the title cards, you can put your initials, you can put a word that has significance to you and your spouse. This is your wedding so you should make sure that the book reflects your unique couple style. Next we’re going to take that same card stock and we’re going to place the pieces on each of the inside pages to create spaces for your guests to write. So I’ve just used a tape gun here. I’m just going to tape on a little tape here and then place it on. Now there’s no rhyme or reason for how to place these cards. I’m kind of creating almost like a bookmarked or a book-eared look. So we’re literally just going to place them on each page, kind of randomly some overlapping others and the goal is when you close it, is to create a book that looks like it’s tagged everywhere with all the memories from your wedding.

There you have it, a customized wedding book that has a vintage feel and it’s just really beautiful and something that can be all about you and your future spouse. Enjoy.