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Today, I’m going to talk to you about fashion shows for teen birthday parties. It’s a really fun event concept that your girls are going to love. And it’s just a couple easy steps to make sure that it is a wonderful execution.

To begin we’re going to want to have a hair and makeup station. It’s great to hire a professional beauty expert to be at the event to get the girls looking their best. Next you definitely want to have a prop station. Tell the girls to look fabulous and wear their most exceptional outfits. A prop station is definitely something that really adds to the show. Tutus, boas, masks and hair accessories give the girls a little bit more fun in playing dressing up. Last you’re going to roll out your runway. Now I recommend using a three foot roll of craft paper. You can really do that in any color and just roll that down your living room floor and make sure to line it on either side with folding chairs to really create that runway look.

A fashion show is a fabulous photo op. So make sure to have a photographer at the end of the runway snapping some pictures when the girls are striking their poses. That photo will be a great gift for a take home or even a grate addition to a thank you card. So enjoy your fabulous ideas for creating a fashion show for your teen birthday party.