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Today, I’m going to talk to you about decorating ideas for wedding reception food tables and we’ve done here a lovely charcoal gray black and pearl themed to coordinate with the table we just designed earlier. It’s important to take a look at several key items on this table.

First of all you want to notice the layers. When you are setting out plates on a food reception table, you want to make sure there is varying layers, that makes it more interesting and it also makes it more easy for people to access food. So you see here with the two serving platters, I have the larger one up on a higher layer.

So first you are going to dress the table with a linen and then you are going to put on all of your catering elements, your dishes, your chaffing dishes, your serving platters. Again you’ll see here that I’ve made various layers just to kind of create a more interesting look on the table. You’ll notice that I’ve used here some black decorative mesh. It’s a great accent for any food table. It’s very simple to use. You can kind of just weave it through the table. I would start on one end. You definitely want to tuck the decorative mesh under one of the elements that’s on the table, here I have it tucked under the chaffing dish as a starting point.

You’re going to mold it and you’re going to weave it through the table through the different dishes and it gives a beautiful motion to the table. Then for a final touch I added some strands of pearls, it’s ultra glam. It sexes up this food stable display and I love the contrast between the white of the pearls, the black of the deco mesh and then that charcoal gray underneath it all kind of creating this very modern and beautiful food display table.