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I’m gonna teach you how to attach silk flowers onto a centerpiece with branches such as this. It’s super simple, here I have chosen some beautiful ivory and honey colored flowers, and I have some hydrangea here and some beautiful ranunculus here. This is silk, so it’s a great idea if you’re doing your own floral arrangements for you wedding, and you want to maybe do them a couple days before. You can attach everything, make it all look gorgeous, and you don’t have to worry about flowers dying on the day of your wedding.

First of all, we’re gonna take our silk flower stems, and we’re just gonna trim them to the correct size. Now, for the hydrangea, I’m going to be creating a round ball. So I’m going to cut the stems pretty much close to the end of the floral. So I’m just gonna cut a small bit here, and then I’m going to actually attach them all together to create a 360 look. So, we’ll just take the gold decorative wire, and just kind of tie it on here to create this round flower mound.

Next we’re gonna go onto the ranunculus. Now the ranunculus grows in bunches naturally, so I’m gonna leave a little bit more of the stem including the leaves to add a little bit of green to the arrangement. And you’ll see here that I just placed the ranunculus in strategic places to kind of draw the eye up, and draw attention to other parts of the actual branch arrangement. And lastly I’m gonna finish this off by adding a couple of these beautiful crystal drops here. It just brings a little bit extra sparkle to the arrangement and creates even a more glamorous and beautiful look for your wedding centerpiece.